Life is beautiful and black is diamond. 

As we celebrate in unity another anniversary of Neo Black Movement, let us celebrate with humility and be grateful. Let us have a strategic plan and take time to know the way forward.


As members of Neo Black Movement of Africa Worldwide, we need to have a deep understanding of this dispensation and have a ROADMAP TO SUCCESS. A detailed blueprint to achieve Uhuru in every facet of our lives is what we need.

The “URGENCY OF NOW” is a clarion call to look within. Our problems and challenges are not external but internal.


Truth is always bitter and blunt. To achieve our aims and objectives, we need to have zero tolerance to acts that bring shame to this glorious movement.

The URGENCY OF NOW has become a mirror we must behold ourselves with. 

“He that is not with us is against us.” 

In Bota’s term I say, “A member that can’t uphold the virtues, Ideology and Objectives of Neo Black Movement of Africa Worldwide is no longer with us and definitely, his ways and motives will be against that which we hold dear and sacred.”

Whenever there is a cry of oppression, Neo Blackism begins. A cry of one is a cry of all!

Happy Founder’s Day in Advance.

I Rep NBM Ghana Zone and NBM of Africa Worldwide.

Bota X7.

Note: This article is the intellectual Property of Bota. No part of this article should be used without the permission of the Author except when use for the advancement of Neo Black Movement.

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