Chapter 4
The darkness, insecurity, persecution and prejudice we face is not enough to give up or lose hope! 

As member of Neo Black Movement of AFRICA WORLDWIDE,what make us relevant in this dispensation is our ability to persevere and forge ahead to rise up and above that which holds us in shackles.

I wont seek motivations in the likes of Martin Luther King jnr, Malcolm X, Desmond Tutu or Mathama Ghandi and other great heroes we’ve read about or seen. True they are all legends that inspire us to greatness.

But let us now seek inspiration in something deep within us. Let us look deeper and internally for motivations.

We are what we are today because some young undergraduates dedicated their time and passion for the oppressed. They turn their pains into a vision and set themselves apart for the mission. That vision that was conceived in the belly of the Great UNIBEN(UNIVERSITY OF BENIN) is why we are who we are today. Its the only reason we nack egede, drink KK, and the magnet that will forever hold us together.

My hero this day, is John Okogie, Nicholas Idemudia, Tokunbo Brown, Uche Alumina, Marvel Akpoyibo, Olagunju Ojo, Gbolahan Dosunmu, Bernard Ojishua, Godwin Ehigiator and of course Professor Onwuejiogwu who was the pioneer patron of the movement.

I celebrate this men, because my reality, philosophy and will today was a vision that they birth. 

This men are our heroes. They birth what we celebrate today and became fathers of a nation whose citizenship can only be given to those that are ready to dedicate their lives to Neo blackism and Pan Africanism..

I am a citizen of the great nation not because of ancestral lineage but because I saw the race and I love it and it became my way of life. 

In Nbm I live, in Nbm I trust, in Nbm I hope!!!


Happy Founders Day!

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