Quote For The Week

“Life is a risk, and not taking the risk in it self is a risk!” -Magnus Wiedong.

Everything in life is centered around risk. From birth to death, knowingly or unknowingly you have been taking risk.

From birth till today, if you should take an inventory of your life. You will be so surprise at the risks you have taken.

The wisdom is taking the risk with foresight.

You save money in the bank and you feel secure and they give you 0.5 to 10%, depending on your agreement with them. The bank goes ahead and take risk by invest your money and they get above 100% while they pay you 10%. To you that is good business or along the way the bank folds up and you lose your savings.

Taking risks with foresight is not bad but taking risks blindly is very bad.

This week all we would be doing is enlightening people on risk taking.

Dont forget, what we do at Bota’s Network International is creating platforms where people can create lasting wealth via legit means.






Quote credit: Mr. Magnus Wiedong.

Have a good day!

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