The Art of Risk Taking

The art of Risk taking should be learned.

10 men sat across a 1000kgs of pure gold. Between them and the gold lies a pit full of predators.

The problem is to crossover. At the other end with the gold lies an alternative route that guarantee safe trip to the town.

Only one was ready to give it a try if the others that could not risk it will borrow him their belts….. To be continued..

The first man that flew the aeroplane actually believed he will fly it successfully and if not try again…

If you try something and it didn’t work, try again and again using different strategies until it works.

Whatever you think is possible is actually possible only if you will take the risk and step out without doubt.


After the man collected his companion’s belt, he tied them together and created a rope which he used to cross the pit.

Only two were motivated to also take the risk and cross the pit. 7 remain behind…

The three that took the risk packed the gold and became very wealthy, the others became so poor that they have to work for the three who took the risk.

50years later, they all sat down together on a round equal table to celebrate the gold rush they experienced 50years back… They all witnessed it, were given equal opportunity but only three were heroes…

At Bota’s network, all we do is create a platform where people especially Africans, can be financially independent and secure to pursue their dreams and live beyond the average via legit means.

The gold rush is here again…




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