The Seed: He That Plant A Seed Takes A Risk

The seed is one of the most powerful and wonders of this world. Think of it, you eat a fruit and deep inside or coated with the juicy nutritious part is a tiny substance called the SEED.

the wonders of the seed is uncountable. It has the power to replicate itself in hundreds, thousands and millions if it is planted in a soil. Note, the quality of that soil will also determine the product of the seed.

The seed(funds) needs to die, planted(invested) to produce more fruits(funds).

if you are not ready to risk planting(investing) a seed(funds), then expect no harvest(bonuses or ROI).

You always have a seed but sometimes we eat even the seed or decide to put it in a jar(bank) while we think on what to do with it.

There will always be seedtime and harvest time….

Every Fruit has a seed, dont eat it.

you can only experience a harvest when you plant..

Harvesting is a process that starts with planting of a seed.

At Bota’s Network, all we do is building platforms were people especially Africans can create a lasting wealth for themselves and communities.




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