Beautiful Good Day

All that was created are beautiful and good. It was good because it will benefits mankind, it is beautiful because beauty is what the creator will never overlook.

Today is a beautiful good day
And it will remain so
No matter what happens

Some will die
Some born

It changes nothing, today will remain a beautiful good day.

Politicians will embezzle as usual
And their decision to embezzle
Daily make life unbearable
For millions

I will love today
I will hold dear to my heart
And sing rhymes of love
For the one.

Won't waste a moment to pity again
Won't waste a second on you

All I will do
Serve my God wholeheartedly
Love my woman sincerely
Take care of those connected to me
And live each day as if it is my last.

Live happy
Live with humility
Live with wisdom
Live and make others live.

It is a beautiful good day

This is the day the Lord has made
And babashola will rejoice
And be glad in it.

Bota's Concept.

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