The Irony Of Life.

Life is an irony. It seems the world has been refashioned with evil. To do good becomes hard day by day and those that perpetuate evil are always having a free ride.

To love and be loved is now becoming a myth.

Can someone live without love?

Why must we take advantage of one another and belittling a good heart has become the norm.

O God, this is not the earth you created for me to live.

Can you make me sleep like Adam and bring unto me the woman you created for me!

Grant unto me wisdom and an excellence Spirit. Let not thy Spirit depart from me!

Bring me Joy uncountable and give me strength to conquer as I pass through this life that has become embodied with evil.

Let us meet as I behold your glory and righteousness, singing hallelujah with the angels at the realm beyond this world.

The irony of life is a gentle reminder of the reality of heaven.

The Flows of Bota.

Bota’s Says………..

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