I call on the Black Race, just like those that came before me.

I stand in between time and space, just like those that have walked the path similar to mine.

Do not be confused but convinced, Uhuru(freedom) is not possible, if we are not financially secured.

Martin Luther King, told us about his dreams. Kwame Nkrumah spoke about a united Africa.

Nnamdi Azikiwe had his blueprint for a better Africa.

Fela Anikulapo Kuti, had his own Kalakuta Republic and from there he lived and still lives.

Rolihlahla Nelson Mandela had his long walk to freedom.

So many Pan Africanists, dead and alive, followed their paths.

They are all forerunners, they saw the glory ahead for the black race and fueled with the energy of the coming glory, they did the unthinkable and resist the oppressors in their own dispensation. They sacrificed all for us to be here!

Here we stand in the 21st century, and I realized their lives has been a puzzle, putting it together is the destiny I live today.

For us to be totally free, we need God. For him gives the power to create wealth.

Financial Independence brings freedom. We all have a date we celebrate in our nations as our Independence Day!

hmmmmmm, the nations got their independence but we the people of Africa can only be free when we become financially independent individually.

Bota’s Network is a trademark registered in Nigeria as MAMACOM NETWORK LIMITED, is building platforms where people, especially Africans and the African youths can create lasting wealth legally.

Only Africans can turn the tides in Africa. Only Africans can develop Africa and to do that, we need to be empowered financially, to move, to remove and challenge the status quo.

It took me time to come out, to gather the strength needed, the training, mentoring, wisdom and I am still under tutelage but to wait any longer is perilous.

Here I am. I’m done hiding, standing with the God of creation, for only him can direct this noble cause.

Let’s do this together and create a better and glorious future for those coming behind us.

The hour cometh was what the great Pan Africanists said, now is the hour to do the right thing!

Did you get the picture yet, I am painting you a portrait of wealth revolution!

The most peaceful and fruitful revolution we can have to develop our continent is wealth revolution- Bota X7.


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