Quote For The Week

Poverty is a disease and this disease has become an epidemic in Africa. The catalyst of this disease called "poverty" are those whose hands we committed our nations. They've betrayed us by their actions and gave nothing back to the society. Swissgolden with Bota's network is going about doing good and eradicating the disease called … Continue reading Quote For The Week

Love: What Do You know About It?

Nobody can fully understand the concept of love.The purity of love is too high for us to fathom.Love is not a feeling neither is it an affection.Love shines brighter than the sun and hurts more than fire.Love is more than fire, more subduing than water.The earth can contain it and the air we breathe comes … Continue reading Love: What Do You know About It?

Life & Dreams

Life is nothing but a dream... good or bad, we wake up and face the reality in eternity- Bota X7.Animals nature, it's a further expression of men's character and personalities. Some are like the Stark, the wolfs.. while some are like lions, Lannister.. some are like the dragon, tygarean. And some have mixed personalities like … Continue reading Life & Dreams