Secrets Of Success

Desire is paramount to success. Desire boost passion and passion makes commitment very easy.

Whatever you doing as a job, work or for living.. To achieve success or be successful in, it is a process of your desires boosting your passion and it reflects in your commitment.


Keep Moving Forward

The river flows

The snail crawls

And the tortoise moves with a slower pace…

The Sun rises and revolve round the earth.

Everything created on earth moves.

Let’s propel forward and never go backward. .

Whatever you do, keep moving, never lose hope and keep believing. 77


The Art of Tenacity

To move mountains, to do the impossible and making success a habit is a path for those who never give up. They believe in their cause, persevere to the very end, and refuse to take “No” for an answer!

They are victims who became victors, protege who became masters, failures that became very successful because they have faith, are very tenacious and they keep networking, finding solutions and at the very end, they buy buildings whose doors shut them out.


Life In Bits..

The feelings, sensation, joy and fulfillment of having one’s dreams come true are memories treasured for a lifetime!

The pain you feel, sadness, agony, despair at a nearly fulfilled dreams can be worse than death.

The loneliness, betrayal and fear you passed through everytime those close to you forsake you is very unbearable yet some of us survive it.

I know heaven exists, what i am not sure of is whether mankind would be permitted to ask questions on the Last Day….

My questions: I would like to know why people behave the way they do and the motive, motivation and reasons for the choices they made here on earth?

I hope these questions of mine wont take another eternity to answer….


How a Network Investment Company Works

Do you have a vision or a picture of the future?

you living in skyscappers, having your own house, fast and classic cars, your children having quality educations and you having the financial freedom to make impact, live your dream and helping your society.

Its a good dream but one of the best ways to achieve all these and many more is via gold investment.

Our strategy is a year plan and you get double and more of your investment capital… You invest, and we do the rest.

Network investment works and our commodity is gold, 24k 999•9% pure gold.

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The Only Star

Among the stars you shine the brightest.

Jealous of your brightness, the stars took a fall and become meteorites.

You the only star I see now

The only melody I have

The only motivation to push on

There ain’t no sunshine without you

I miss everything about you

Your thoughts kept me warm and alive when I am alone…


Bota…. X7