What Can We Do?

We Africans need to think deep and strategically. We need to ask questions and possibly create a short and long term solution to it! How can we live a better life? How can we have a good educational system? How can we have a good government with zero tolerance for corruption? How can we move … Continue reading What Can We Do?

I Believe in Miracles

No matter where you are, don't give up. No matter how worse your situation is, have hope. As long as you have life, there is always a way out. God exists and I believe in Miracle, I believe wholeheartedly that the world is yet to see the best of me. With prayers, I will become … Continue reading I Believe in Miracles

Don’t Pull The Trigger

"I watched as his Flash run became slow like the snail. No where for him to hide, his knees betrayed him, his breath flew from him". "I moved steadily towards him with confidence and a certainty in what I am about to do". Just like Jack Sparrow, I have kept this 1 shot for him.... … Continue reading Don’t Pull The Trigger

I Rise To Seek Thee

In the darkest hour of the night, before the breaking of the dawn, O Lord I seek thee! Hear my prayers, as I seek your light, let my glory be revealed and bend my enemies to bow at my feet. As I sleep, keep me safe and secure me on all sides. Bless those that … Continue reading I Rise To Seek Thee

Vampire’s Love Diary

Why are you in a hurry to love me, when we have forever? Forever is not enough to be with you! If only we can walk and behold the sunlight! The sun turns forever to ashes... A vampire must love with haste for when the sun rises, he must seeks shelter in darkness unless he … Continue reading Vampire’s Love Diary

Forever Is About To End

Don't douse your love for me Don't let it fade The moon is like a bow in the sky tonight As Christmas knocks and the world celebrates I sit in isolation, thinking of you! I reminisce and meditate on the journey we took together Do you remember where we started? I am handicapped and I … Continue reading Forever Is About To End

Broken Knee

Living has been a story The story is about a dream And the dream is about to end. I dreamt of loving a Mediterranean woman and living with her until the end of times. When pain and misfortune came, she stood like a rock beside me. She crossed the ocean to meet her lover and … Continue reading Broken Knee