What Is Dead Is Death!

Alone with myself

Let nobody come near

until I am awake in my thoughts

And sail to the land

Where the dead and the living trade..

“O Son of Man, What have you to trade.”

“I come to trade the Earth, the Wind, The Fire and Water for a day, because of the one I love”

“you can only trade with what you own. Never trade with the Elements, unless the universe loses its balance and all living become dead and ashes just like the one you loved”

Rest in Peace Emmanuel Okewole aka Black Jesus.

I will always Remember you (mum and dad) till I become dust and ashes…

I dedicate this Dark Thoughts to all my niggas who fought and die for that which they hold dear, very dear to us all!

UHURU, only few understand why we desire freedom above all…

We all desire freedom and shy away from truth…

There is no uhuru without truth..

Foolish niggaz… You all foolish!

Bota X7.

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