It’s Time To Rise!

It's time we believe in ourselves as youths of this great nation. Let's pursue excellence with honesty and integrity. To build a great nation, we must have zero tolerance for corruption and evil. It's time! Let's rise from the shackles of corruption, low self-esteem and status quo and mediocrity that has become a norm with … Continue reading It’s Time To Rise!

Life & Love

I try to understand life but I discovered that a lifetime is not even enough to comprehend the meaning of life. I try to understand love, the breadth and width of it, but no one can fully understand it. Knowledge is good, wisdom brings enlightenment, understanding is supreme but there is no wisdom, understanding and … Continue reading Life & Love

The Evangelist Himself

A great man has finally departed this chaotic world to be with his God and Father. The world, not just the Christians acknowledges the impact and strides the humble soul made. As we celebrate the departure of this God's General, let us take an inventory of our lives and analyse the way we have been … Continue reading The Evangelist Himself


To make progress and reach the peak of our potential as a man, we must believe at least 7 things. 1. There is a Supreme Being called God. 2. He created all that exists both the seen and unseen 3. Man is nothing without God the Creator 4. God answer prayers 5. This life is … Continue reading WITHOUT GOD

Have Mercy: Become A Good Nigerian

Mercy is the deepest expression of love. And it is a virtue we must all seek as Nigerians for us to make progress. Don't get me wrong, mercy is not ignorance, foolishness or stupidity. When armed Robbers or "Political Robbers" ask you to give him or her the key to your Vault or your vote … Continue reading Have Mercy: Become A Good Nigerian

The Nigeria We Crave For

If we are going to make tremendous progress as a nation, we need to start thinking strategically and orientate one another with no hidden motive or agenda. The citizens, especially the masses must have one motive or agenda which is a "better Nigeria". Our voices must harmonised and become one. We want a nation that … Continue reading The Nigeria We Crave For

Nigeria: Way Forward

There will always be a future. What kind of future we are hoping for is a choice we have to make collectively. Nigeria is extremely blessed, heaven and earth knows that! We are a wealthy nation and its high time, that wealth find expression in the lives of poor and average Nigerians. We need to … Continue reading Nigeria: Way Forward

The Web Of Wickedness

Pride is the death of a man. Just like greed and selfishness will be the end of every corrupt and evil politician likewise the citizens. For Nigeria to make progress, both the government and the people must be reorientated and aspire to become a better society. Wickedness has become a web in Nigeria and everyone … Continue reading The Web Of Wickedness

Finding The Missing Piece:

When I walk through the street, go to the market, take the public transport and when I gist with friends in their communities. Without them saying it, you can feel their pain, agony, anger and frustration. If things don't turn for the better, i fear where the government, policymakers, and the so called political parties … Continue reading Finding The Missing Piece:

Life & Wealth

Wealth creation involves seeking an opportunity, planning, investing and networking. Life in general, is about risk, risk management and strategic planning. You have to try and make a move to achieve your goals and dreams in life. If you don't try, you won't know the strength you have in you. To make your financial goals … Continue reading Life & Wealth

I Believe In Miracles, Do You?

You can't believe in Miracles if you don't believe in God. You can't see Wonders if you don't follow the Path of Wonders, God Himself is Wonder. Miracle is a result of faith, ability to hear God and complete obedience to God's word. If you can hear God, have faith and walk in complete obedience; … Continue reading I Believe In Miracles, Do You?