I Believe In Miracles, Do You?

Picture credit: Courtesy of Bota.

You can’t believe in Miracles if you don’t believe in God.

You can’t see Wonders if you don’t follow the Path of Wonders, God Himself is Wonder.

Miracle is a result of faith, ability to hear God and complete obedience to God’s word.

If you can hear God, have faith and walk in complete obedience; miracle becomes children bread to you. This means you experience it daily.

I will like to say this, “God is the God of all Flesh, and there is nothing impossible for him to do. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever and the Holy Spirit has been our Helper since time immemorial!”

The Trinity(God the Father, The Son & Holy Spirit) are very constant. God will never fluctuate or His power diminish and Jesus Authority over all is absolute, The creation power of the Holy Spirit is still the same. So miracles happens everyday to God’s Children who are lead by The Spirit of God. Are you one of them?

Naaman was told dip yourself into Jordan, the widows were given specific instructions, Moses was told stretch your rod to the Red sea, Peter said in the name of Jesus rise up and walk etc.

I pray to God this Graceful Sunday that firstly, we would be able to hear him secondly, that we would have faith to completely obey him as He gives us Daily instructions that we may experience His Blessings and Miracle Daily.

Its the first Sunday of the month and all glory to God for keeping us alive till this day!

The year is still young but so many things already happened.

God will bless us with his goodness this 2018 and keep evil away from us.

Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, Togo, Benin, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco and the rest, Hear God’s Word and come out of Death by Gods Resurrection Power.

“Africa will not die but live, and her children shall be great and do mighty things.”

Meditation & Prayers of Bota.



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