The Nigeria We Crave For

If we are going to make tremendous progress as a nation, we need to start thinking strategically and orientate one another with no hidden motive or agenda.

The citizens, especially the masses must have one motive or agenda which is a “better Nigeria”.

Our voices must harmonised and become one.

We want a nation that works, a country that will empower her citizens to aspire for greatness by providing the necessary platforms to achieve that greatness.

We want to live in a Nigeria that moves with integrity and excellence.

A nation that will meet the needs of her citizens and provide the basics so that both the government and citizens can serve one another with a clean hand and bring corruption in all its forms to minimal.

This is the Nigeria we crave for and let everyone of us communicate it to those that seek political offices, don’t run if you know you want to maintain the status quo or take us backwards! Pls don’t run!!!

Babashola’s Expression.

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