Have Mercy: Become A Good Nigerian

Mercy is the deepest expression of love. And it is a virtue we must all seek as Nigerians for us to make progress.

Don’t get me wrong, mercy is not ignorance, foolishness or stupidity.

When armed Robbers or “Political Robbers” ask you to give him or her the key to your Vault or your vote and persuaded you with sweet words, promises and gifts! Don’t be foolish or stupid enough and give him because what they will steal from you is your future and that of your children and this can not be compared to the gift they offered you.

I urge you to have mercy on the masses. Learn to share the little you have with those that have none.

The government and citizens alike, have made this country so tough that most of us are extremely bitter to that point were we no longer see those that are suffering and deeply in need.

Reach out to people in your communities and help that child get a quality education, help that mam to be able to take care of his family, help that widow to live again, help that child cross the main road etc.

Find a need and meet that need.

If our government can’t remember how to govern without corruption, its time we teach them and find those that have the integrity, wisdom and passion to lead us without any embezzling or corruption motives.

We don’t need to be a good Samaritan to transform our country for good, all we need to be is a good Nigerian.

Good Nigerians is the hope of a greater Nigeria!

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!

God bless Africa!

God bless you!

Babashola’s Thoughts.



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