It’s Time To Rise!

It’s time we believe in ourselves as youths of this great nation. Let’s pursue excellence with honesty and integrity.

To build a great nation, we must have zero tolerance for corruption and evil.

It’s time! Let’s rise from the shackles of corruption, low self-esteem and status quo and mediocrity that has become a norm with our government.

The time is now, for reformation, progress and the pursuit of excellence in every facet of our lives.

The time has come for the youth to refuse to be quenched, the time has come for us to stir that great spirit of patriotism within us and fight for the betterment of Nigeria.

Let’s become focus and resourceful. Let us be creative and find a way forward refusing corruption in all its forms to become leaders of this great nation.

Nigeria is blessed beyond imagination, it’s time we walk the path of greatness and create a New Federal Republic of Nigeria that will be the pride of those coming behind us.

Nigeria is what we turn it to be, whether good or bad; the destiny of this great nation lies in our hands..

God bless Nigeria!

God bless Africa!

God blessings be upon those that want good for Africa!

Babashola’s Thoughts.

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