Kill Ignorance: Ask Google

Kill Ignorance Or Ignorance Will Kill You. Read A Book Ask Questions Be Eager To Know More Ask Google Dare To Lead. Information Gives You Formation To Succeed. Ignorance Is A Disease It's Highly Contagious And It Breeds Poverty And Crippled Mind. Kill Ignorance By Asking Google. ©Bota's Mind. Babashola Ayeni.

Stir Your Creativity

Stir your creativity with excellence. Creativity is excellence. Excellence is premium and rare. Marketing your creativity and excellence guarantees financial success. Whatever you do Whoever you are No matter your culture Stir your creativity with excellence ©Babashola.

Reach your Peak

Be creative Strive for excellence Switch lanes Gather momentum Reach Your Peak. Don't be scared to walk alone Define your path Become great Live your legacy Inspire the world Refuse mediocrity Never stop trying! Strive for greatness Until you thrive in greatness ©Babashola.

Together We Can

We all need to come together and stand for what will transform Nigeria positively. The time to act is now. We need to build a new national culture for excellence, integrity and great leadership. Talk is cheap, let's act and steer the spirit of togetherness and start the rebuilding process for a greater and better … Continue reading Together We Can

Bota’s Prayer: Nigeria

For us to move and make tremendous progress as a nation or continent, we need to go on our kneels and pray. We need to act and move. We need to stop selling our votes. Every time we sell our votes, we prolonging the evil days and the deeper Nigeria get drown in the ocean … Continue reading Bota’s Prayer: Nigeria


Thank you Jesus! It's been a long walk. From everything to nothing and from nothing to everything. The storm raged, took mother after 10years of your demise but here we are still standing. All I want to say is thank you Jesus! I was a toddler when you left but here I am, a full … Continue reading 31 YEARS AGO: MARCH 16!

It Start With You

As Nigerians, we must ask ourselves, friends and neighbors; are you adding to this nation's problem or not? Are you going to sit on the fence or choose to take the bold step and never support or keep quiet when you see mediocrity or bad governance. Great leaders great governance, bad leaders bad governance. Written … Continue reading It Start With You