Same trick, same greed, same motive.

Let’s go down Memory Lane, when we got our independence from the Colonial Masters.

What has changed, what progress have we made. Same political philosophy and perspectives.

What was good about us was corrupted by leaders in all arms of the government.

The citizens have also gone into the depth of corruption that is unbelievable.

Leaders come and go. Military dictators, political leaders and foreign allies looted without conscience.

They have consumed the present with their greed and are now stealing from our future.

Look at our youths, our children and elders. We are all angry, hungry, desolate, destitute and confined.

We have become slaves in our own lands again.

They gave us bread and stole our bakeries.

They gave us kobo and took away all our nairas.

They ask us to vote and gave us 1000naira, cups of rice and garri. We sold our future because of foolishness and sentiment.

They have stolen everything and if we don’t decide to be courageous, bold and confront them today; they will sell us when there is nothing to loot or steal again.

Let’s have one voice and tell them in all our languages that we are tired!!!

We are tired and we desire to live a better life than this shithole because we know we have all that we need to live a better life.

We are tired!!!


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