Africa is one the two richest continents in the world.

The world can survive for centuries on the mineral resources that Africa has alone.

The problem Africans have are their leaders.

They easily forsake the oath of leadership they took and sold their people to suffering, poverty and early death because of peanuts they receive from foreign allies and corrupted colleagues. They lack excellence leadership, integrity and patriotism!

The Africans are also a major problem.

They are easily deceived, they have a nonchalant attitude and they continually refuse to challenge the status quo.

Most of them are too complacent and they don’t want to take responsibilities.

Government keeps failing them and they keep hoping the government will change for good without them challenging the status quo.

Africans need to start learning. Learn from countries that have faced worst situation and came out of it like Singapore, Hongkong, etc.

Africans should aspire for greatness, they must believe they can create a system that can create wealth and meet peoples welfare without the government.

Network sometimes called systems are created worldwide by corporation that takes care of their members and interests. They built something that the country or world economy can not influence negatively via internet and globalization.

What most of us don’t know is that the internet has given us a platform to live in one country and enjoy the benefits of European or Asia economic boost because you are part of a network or system that conduct business in that market.

The world is yours if you can take the risk and believe.

Africans future or Nigeria future is not in the hands of any political parties, political leaders or military dictators but the people, the masses.

You and I need to think outside the box and learn how to survive, thrive and become great without the government.

Join BOTA’S network today. What we are creating is more than millionaires but wealth catalysts that can influence their society positively.

Babashola Osuolale Timothy Ayeni. aka Bota.

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