My Second Home

My Second Home: Happy Independence.

61years is no small feat.
Happy Independence Day to my Ghanaian friends and partners.

The celebration of Independence from the colonial masters is also a time to ponder on the journey so far.

As a country, indigenes and residents of Ghana, we should take an inventory of our lives and daily activities.

Our lives and existence must daily add to the greatest of this great nation.

We must help one another to reach for the greatness within and March daily with no chains or shackles towards the total emancipation of the black race.

Our leaders must know and acknowledge that we are the reasons why they are leaders and the country stands till date because we daily work together in our own unique and individual ways to live in a United and greater Ghana and we believe with all our hearts that the Ghana that is emerging will be greater than the Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah lived in.

The Gold Coast is my second home and who knows whether I’m going to marry a Ghanaian… Possibly an Ewé or Ashanti pretty Lady😀. Who knows haha haha!!!



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