The Chronicles Of Bota.

If you don’t try you won’t know. You need to know & discover the inherent strength you have untapped in you.

Never sit with cowards and spectators whose foolishness made them believe in the stupidity concept of “Neutrality and Sitting on the fence.”

They love the average life, they will never try. All they want is for someone to try and achieve what they can’t even dare to dream of, greatness!

They only want to watch, criticize, ridicule, applause and get employed by those of us who have tried, failed and kept going until we achieved that which will hoped for.

The destination is the focus. The journey is the experience and all you faced to get there will bring out your greatest fears but also give you the strength to overcome.

Words can’t express the feelings, you can only understand fully if you are one of us. We are Champions, Trailblazers, Emancipator, Innovators, Inventors and Creators.

We created the world you live in!



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