MAMACOM: Keeps Shining

It's Mother's Day A day of celebration A day to honour our women, especially our mothers. Dead or Alive we must celebrate them. We are a proof that they once lived, loved and beloved. Though dead, we still strive to thrive and make them proud. Mama, look down and see your son! He is becoming … Continue reading MAMACOM: Keeps Shining

Mother’s Worth

Mother's worth can't be quantify. And on this special day, we celebrate all mothers and women. Nothing can be compared with you not even gold, diamond, emerald, sapphire or any precious stones or metals. God bless our mothers on this special day! We love you Mama! ┬ęBota

One Day Ain’t Enough

Happy Mother's Day! One day ain't enough to celebrate our mothers and a lifetime is too short to say thank you! Mothers have value more than gold and nothing can be compared with them or substitute with them. As a network of gold earners, investors and networkers, we know our mothers are more beautiful than … Continue reading One Day Ain’t Enough

Letter To Our Mothers: Happy Mother’s Day

LETTER TO OUR MOTHERS! Happy Mother's Day! Women should always be treasured, appreciated, honoured, elevated and recognized in every country, religion, organization, profession and home. God gives life but women birth it. The home is called home because of our mothers and their efforts. The cords that binds us together as family are our mothers. … Continue reading Letter To Our Mothers: Happy Mother’s Day