Letter To Our Mothers: Happy Mother’s Day


Happy Mother’s Day!

Women should always be treasured, appreciated, honoured, elevated and recognized in every country, religion, organization, profession and home.

God gives life but women birth it.

The home is called home because of our mothers and their efforts.

The cords that binds us together as family are our mothers.

The future of our country, continent and the world depends not on our political or religious leaders but on the family and the greatest force in the family are our mothers.

After they birth life, they make sure our lives has a purpose and meaning.

To mothers who have forsaken their roles and have betrayed their families because of reasons small or beyond our understanding, please don’t forsake us your kids and your man because our lives ain’t complete without you!

I pray God gives our mothers and mothers to be, the wisdom and strength to be and grow into the full nature of motherhood!

Your son,
Babashola Osuolale Timothy Ayeni (Bota).

Dedicated To My Late Mother!

Mama, though you dead, your light still keeps shining!


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