Bota’s Network

My major goal is to create wealth for myself and members of my network.

I believe wholeheartedly that gold bullion multilevel marketing company is one of the surest and safest ways to financial freedom. I love gold, especially 24k 999.9% pure gold and its value can never be overlooked.

I also love forex but dont have the trading knowledge. This is the major reason I teamed up with the best in the forex market, Alpari. With Alpari PAMM account, I have the statistics that helps me get the best expert per season and the synergy creates tremendous profits for me and my members.

I love football and I see no reason why I cant make profits from it. I spend hours daily analyzing football matches and I bet on favourable odds and I make profits from it for myself and my members.

I love gold so much that I invest in it. I buy investment gold at Bullion Vault at the cheapest price and store it in a vault. I sell when the rates are high and my members follow the same strategy.

I know the internet has a lot to offer and the opportunities it brings are boundless, that is why we network and meet-up, using the internet as a platform to create wealth and to eradicate poverty.

We also invest in ourselves. We invest in our dreams and help achieve our individual goals by creating products and services from our potentials, talents, gifts, knowledge and sell to those that need and desire it.

There is more to us then meet the eyes!

We have created a system that is formidable, legit and reliable enough to generate wealth for members of Bota’s Network.

We have also realized that despite using the same wealth creation strategies and implementation process, we don’t always get the same result. This happens because wealth creation is mindset and it’s growth and multiplication has do do with habits and attitudes. This is the major reason why our activities includes wealth management, excellent leadership and success habits.

We are not a school but we operate like one. We are a wealth creation exclusive club.

Don’t join us, if you are not ready for the dynamic transformation we bring.

Join us today!


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