Achieving Your Dreams: Goals Settings

Dreams are not fickles neither are they worthless or valueless.

Dreams exist in our minds, hearts and our thoughts and imaginations are incubators for dreams to become realities.

No matter how big or small your dreams are, you will need time, prayer, training, people and knowledge plus networking to achieve it.

Time, has to do with setting goals.

You will need to look into your dream and break it down into phases.

There is always the least thing you can do to jump start your career, business or pursuing your dreams.

Break your dream down into phases and set goals for each phases.

Have short term goal, mid term goals and long term goals for your dreams.

Dreams are like cars, they are made up of so many parts.

Break your dreams down into goals and targets. Know the tyres, know the engine, know the radiator, know the wipers, and so on.

Become the mechanic of your dreams..

Break your dreams down and start assembling it together.

Later today, if God permits. I will go to the training aspect of achieving your dreams.

God bless you!

Babashola Osuolale Timothy Ayeni.


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