The Heart Bleeds

Patriotism has become a myth while excellence and leadership with integrity is now folklores.

We cry and our hearts bleed because of the happenings around us!

Who can lead us, who can take us to where our hearts desire.

Snakes and monkeys, they say “swallow millions of naira.”

Thugs and politicians rule in the National Assembly,

Our leaders are thugs. Fueled by greed, intoxicated with thirst for violence and power; they expresses the content of their hearts and we all see them for who they truly are.

The world and masses stand as spectators! Empower with the internet, smartphone and technology we broadcast their foolishness and stupidity to the world.

Forever we shall remember them. Archived in the internet is their folly and unpardonable sin has become history.

We hope for a way out, we pray for a national transformation but we also keep in our hearts the things we have seen and heard.

Things fall apart and as it crumbles, we know who to blame.

We are all part of it, we keep our mouth shut and try to avoid the obvious.

We fear and because we fear, what we feared has now become a reality.

We now live in a nation that is governed and led by groups of thieves and murderers.

Law and constitution has become lawless.

We are few inches to reach the wall and we are left with no option than to face the oppressors.

The hearts bleed because the last option will be worst than the war fought by Gowon and Ojukwu.

The hearts bleed and we shed tears of blood.

Picture Credit: @runningforanewnigeria

©Bota Speaks.

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