Audacity To Dream: Risk Everything

There are no super humans, they never existed.

We only have men and women who pursued their dreams and risked everything to birth their ideas.

They lived a disciplined purposeful life and moulded their characters and habits to align with their dreams.

Often, at the process of birthing their dreams and bringing the innovation out, they were misunderstood and called so many names.

History has proved that they were right to pursue their dreams because they made the world more comfortable for us and inspired millions by their tenacious will to birth a dream and đŸ’¡ idea which made the society ridiculed them but we all celebrate them today because they never listened to critics, spectators, antagonists or unbelievers.

The process of birthing, nurturing and perfecting a concept, dream or ideas can really be frustrating but I know, the risk and everything sacrificed for that dream to become a reality is a what scare most people but what scare me most is not taking that step.

Your mind won’t conceive what you can’t achieve, do or fulfill.

I know because I have been there and I’m still there.

Incubation won’t work without heats.

We live to dream and the only Work God gave us is to birth our dreams and the only thrive she we fulfill the dreams in our hearts.

I am not only a STORYTELLER but I live to fulfill my dreams.

I have created concepts, systems and strategies and the implementation has brought the good, bad and ugly.

I faced it all by strength and by force but I’m grateful for living every moments because I am not a spectator but a doer.

I have the audacity to dream and I dare everything to birth my dreams.

I am Babashola. I am Bota.

If what you call a super human is what I have done, then I am your super human.

©Babashola’s Expression.

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