Diversity: Perspective

We can’t look the same or behave the same way but what we share in common are deep within us and that’s what make us brothers.

White or black, Asian or Hispanic, Yoruba or Hausa, Igbo or Fulani, etc.

The togetherness we share is deeper than differences created by race, ethnicities, nepotism, prejudices, hate, social status and slavery.

You are my brother, your are my sister because apart from the colour of our skins and looks we share the same WILL, philosophy, perspective and mentally about life.

You are my brother, you are my sister because despite the differences in our talents, gifts and skills, we both want to use these gifts to make the world a better place.

@joeyjordan33 is a friend and brother because we have in common things deeper than color and looks.

Let go of that myopic view, attitude, Perspective and see the unity in who we are than whether we look alike.


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