O God of Creation: Happy Democracy Day!

Nelson Mandela is not just an african hero but worldwide, he is recognised as a man of integrity.

Cant remember the first time i read his autobiography “LONG WALK TO FREEDOM.” its close to 12 or more years ago.

I was so thrilled by Madiba’s life that i wrote a book during the 2010 world cup in South Africa and i titled it, MADIBA’S CUP.

Madiba’s Cup is a motivational book that feature poems, poetry, life lessons and how to use football concepts and strategies to live life to the fullest.

Mandela could have become a life president in SA but chose to lead the country as president for 4 years.

As we celebrate democracy day in Nigeria and the bells of election is ringing.

I cant help wonder what we are truly celebrating.

We are seeing signs of what is to come and we see our leaders in politics and government becoming an object of ridicule as their motives are laid bare.

Snake and monkey swallowing and stealing millions of naira.

Hoodlums taking the mace which signifies authority in our national assembly.

We dont need prayers anymore, we need to act and act wisely if we ever hope for a prosperous Nigeria.

Like #chinuaachebe said, “There was a country” we need to find that country called Nigeria now and free it from the shackle of slavery and captivity from greedy corrupt leaders.

We dont need to wait until #thingsfallapart …

I believe there are still God fearing capable and trusted leaders that can lead us.

We need more minds like @feladurotoye to come out and lead.

Though the hour is long gone, and our nights darkened with terrors, evil and greed; we can still do a 360° and create a better nigeria.

Happy democracy day to all true patriots of this great country and i pray and hope that the emblezzling days of corrupt politicians and government leaders will come to an end soon.

Wetin I know.

I am just a storyteller.

©Babashola’s Expression.

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