What’s Your Excuse

I know want I have faced, I was abducted once against my will for three days. Broke my ankle while i escaped and many more but what I have faced can't be compare to the young boy in my post. My story, your story no matter how bad it is can't be compared to what … Continue reading What’s Your Excuse

Diversity: Perspective

We can't look the same or behave the same way but what we share in common are deep within us and that's what make us brothers. White or black, Asian or Hispanic, Yoruba or Hausa, Igbo or Fulani, etc. The togetherness we share is deeper than differences created by race, ethnicities, nepotism, prejudices, hate, social … Continue reading Diversity: Perspective

Audacity To Dream: Risk Everything

There are no super humans, they never existed. We only have men and women who pursued their dreams and risked everything to birth their ideas. They lived a disciplined purposeful life and moulded their characters and habits to align with their dreams. Often, at the process of birthing their dreams and bringing the innovation out, … Continue reading Audacity To Dream: Risk Everything

Starvation: DR Congo

As you go through these pictures, what comes to your mind. AlJazeera news reported over 400000 kids will starve to death in Democratic Republic of Congo because of political war, power tussle and conflicts. Remember that some mothers will bury their kids not because of natural disasters but because of greed. Connect to @unicef or … Continue reading Starvation: DR Congo


Going through my instagram @timothyayeni. I saw a picture of a dirty Benz Jeep and thoughts started flowing through my mind. We human beings are like this dirty black AMG G 65 BENZ. Despite the dirtiness, the Jeep still retains it's abilities and prowess. No matter how dirty it is, its still a G-class and … Continue reading GET WASHED: YOU ARE MORE VALUED THAN BENZ AMG G-65


Story telling is an art and a profession. It's also a medium of communication to sanitize, influence, motivate, orientate and reorientate the world. People's lives, their activities, actions, mistakes, success and lifestyle are stories for us to learn from. Stories should motivate us, inspire us and teach us how to live our lives and become … Continue reading THE STORYTELLER

Don’t Give Up: Don’t!

@didierdrogba Is so right and he knows exactly what he is talking about. We all still remembered bayern munich and chelseafc championsleague football match in munich #2012 Within the twinkling of an eye everything change! Get motivated with renewed hope in Drogba's words because if you don't quit and never stop trying, you will achieve … Continue reading Don’t Give Up: Don’t!

Naked: Not Ashamed

I didn't only enjoy it, I love every bit of it. It was sweeter than sweetest. Only you can take me to that realm, I wish I can live there forever. How I wish immortality is ours to grab... Two worlds came together. Two cultures merged... To create a sweetness that should be forever... Magic … Continue reading Naked: Not Ashamed

The Heart Bleeds

Patriotism has become a myth while excellence and leadership with integrity is now folklores. We cry and our hearts bleed because of the happenings around us! Who can lead us, who can take us to where our hearts desire. Snakes and monkeys, they say "swallow millions of naira." Thugs and politicians rule in the National … Continue reading The Heart Bleeds

Echoes: Immortality

At the darkest hour the light will shine and the glory will break forth because nothing can hold or withstand the Glory and power of God in me... You win some, you lose some..... But the victory is certain.. We can't lose the war.... Our deeds will echo in eternity. When flesh and bones turn … Continue reading Echoes: Immortality