Life & Dreams

Life is nothing but a dream... good or bad, we wake up and face the reality in eternity- Bota X7.Animals nature, it's a further expression of men's character and personalities. Some are like the Stark, the wolfs.. while some are like lions, Lannister.. some are like the dragon, tygarean. And some have mixed personalities like … Continue reading Life & Dreams

Expression Of Love

From the moment I saw you, my eyes became fixed on you.With thousands of miles between us, thoughts of you keep me warm as the Aso Rock shadowed me.Can't wait to see that lovely charming smile of yours once again.Only a Queen can captivate my heart the way you do.Our fellowship is true just like … Continue reading Expression Of Love

Evening Thought

Never try to sleep without prayersNever go to bed without forgiving and asking God for forgiveness.When you are alone and lonely, think about God!When you are happy and feeling in top of the world, be grateful and humble yourself before your Maker.Only the fool will say in his heart that there is no God...Goodnight!

Beautiful Good Day

All that was created are beautiful and good. It was good because it will benefits mankind, it is beautiful because beauty is what the creator will never overlook.Today is a beautiful good dayAnd it will remain soNo matter what happensSome will dieSome bornIt changes nothing, today will remain a beautiful good day.Politicians will embezzle as … Continue reading Beautiful Good Day