The Art of Risk Taking

The art of Risk taking should be learned. 10 men sat across a 1000kgs of pure gold. Between them and the gold lies a pit full of predators. The problem is to crossover. At the other end with the gold lies an alternative route that guarantee safe trip to the town. Only one was ready … Continue reading The Art of Risk Taking


Chapter 4 The darkness, insecurity, persecution and prejudice we face is not enough to give up or lose hope!  As member of Neo Black Movement of AFRICA WORLDWIDE,what make us relevant in this dispensation is our ability to persevere and forge ahead to rise up and above that which holds us in shackles. I wont … Continue reading BOTA’S OFFICIAL SUMMIT CALL: ADVOCACY FOR OUR HEROES


​CHAPTER 3 Life is beautiful and black is diamond.  As we celebrate in unity another anniversary of Neo Black Movement, let us celebrate with humility and be grateful. Let us have a strategic plan and take time to know the way forward.   As members of Neo Black Movement of Africa Worldwide, we need to … Continue reading BOTA’S OFFICIAL SUMMIT CALL: THE URGENCY OF NOW


​BOTA’S OFFICIAL SUMMIT CALL As a bonafide member of NBM Ghana zone, as part of the organ that is hosting the glorious NBM of Africa Worldwide at the 5th Western Regional Summit. It has become imperative for me, to once again enlighten the world and members of this great movement, the necessity and purpose of … Continue reading BOTA’S OFFICIAL SUMMIT CALL

The Angel called Monica:

All women are beautiful but not all are angels. Monica is the best among the angels! When rain fall, she sheltered me. When the sun scorch, she shaded me.  Her greatest gift to me is love. Love so pure she gave me, she listens to my sad tales breathe into me hope. Hope springs from … Continue reading The Angel called Monica:

Never Give Up!

Its very frustrating when you keep giving strategies and information on wealth creation and people show no interest.  They will give you excuses why investing in gold won't work. Tell you is a ponzi scheme, pyramid scheme and all sort. Some will look at you and say, you know how internet is. They will tell … Continue reading Never Give Up!