The Art of Risk Taking

The art of Risk taking should be learned.

10 men sat across a 1000kgs of pure gold. Between them and the gold lies a pit full of predators.

The problem is to crossover. At the other end with the gold lies an alternative route that guarantee safe trip to the town.

Only one was ready to give it a try if the others that could not risk it will borrow him their belts….. To be continued..

The first man that flew the aeroplane actually believed he will fly it successfully and if not try again…

If you try something and it didn’t work, try again and again using different strategies until it works.

Whatever you think is possible is actually possible only if you will take the risk and step out without doubt.


After the man collected his companion’s belt, he tied them together and created a rope which he used to cross the pit.

Only two were motivated to also take the risk and cross the pit. 7 remain behind…

The three that took the risk packed the gold and became very wealthy, the others became so poor that they have to work for the three who took the risk.

50years later, they all sat down together on a round equal table to celebrate the gold rush they experienced 50years back… They all witnessed it, were given equal opportunity but only three were heroes…

At Bota’s network, all we do is create a platform where people especially Africans, can be financially independent and secure to pursue their dreams and live beyond the average via legit means.

The gold rush is here again…





Chapter 4
The darkness, insecurity, persecution and prejudice we face is not enough to give up or lose hope! 

As member of Neo Black Movement of AFRICA WORLDWIDE,what make us relevant in this dispensation is our ability to persevere and forge ahead to rise up and above that which holds us in shackles.

I wont seek motivations in the likes of Martin Luther King jnr, Malcolm X, Desmond Tutu or Mathama Ghandi and other great heroes we’ve read about or seen. True they are all legends that inspire us to greatness.

But let us now seek inspiration in something deep within us. Let us look deeper and internally for motivations.

We are what we are today because some young undergraduates dedicated their time and passion for the oppressed. They turn their pains into a vision and set themselves apart for the mission. That vision that was conceived in the belly of the Great UNIBEN(UNIVERSITY OF BENIN) is why we are who we are today. Its the only reason we nack egede, drink KK, and the magnet that will forever hold us together.

My hero this day, is John Okogie, Nicholas Idemudia, Tokunbo Brown, Uche Alumina, Marvel Akpoyibo, Olagunju Ojo, Gbolahan Dosunmu, Bernard Ojishua, Godwin Ehigiator and of course Professor Onwuejiogwu who was the pioneer patron of the movement.

I celebrate this men, because my reality, philosophy and will today was a vision that they birth. 

This men are our heroes. They birth what we celebrate today and became fathers of a nation whose citizenship can only be given to those that are ready to dedicate their lives to Neo blackism and Pan Africanism..

I am a citizen of the great nation not because of ancestral lineage but because I saw the race and I love it and it became my way of life. 

In Nbm I live, in Nbm I trust, in Nbm I hope!!!


Happy Founders Day!



Life is beautiful and black is diamond. 

As we celebrate in unity another anniversary of Neo Black Movement, let us celebrate with humility and be grateful. Let us have a strategic plan and take time to know the way forward.


As members of Neo Black Movement of Africa Worldwide, we need to have a deep understanding of this dispensation and have a ROADMAP TO SUCCESS. A detailed blueprint to achieve Uhuru in every facet of our lives is what we need.

The “URGENCY OF NOW” is a clarion call to look within. Our problems and challenges are not external but internal.


Truth is always bitter and blunt. To achieve our aims and objectives, we need to have zero tolerance to acts that bring shame to this glorious movement.

The URGENCY OF NOW has become a mirror we must behold ourselves with. 

“He that is not with us is against us.” 

In Bota’s term I say, “A member that can’t uphold the virtues, Ideology and Objectives of Neo Black Movement of Africa Worldwide is no longer with us and definitely, his ways and motives will be against that which we hold dear and sacred.”

Whenever there is a cry of oppression, Neo Blackism begins. A cry of one is a cry of all!

Happy Founder’s Day in Advance.

I Rep NBM Ghana Zone and NBM of Africa Worldwide.

Bota X7.

Note: This article is the intellectual Property of Bota. No part of this article should be used without the permission of the Author except when use for the advancement of Neo Black Movement.



As a bonafide member of NBM Ghana zone, as part of the organ that is hosting the glorious NBM of Africa Worldwide at the 5th Western Regional Summit. It has become imperative for me, to once again enlighten the world and members of this great movement, the necessity and purpose of our existence.

Just like gold, I believe and know “NBM” is constantly being refined to bring out the best in us at all times. Before we proceed to refinement of NBM, we need to understand fully that refinement is not possible without defining “who we are.”

Who we are as a movement, is intrinsically defined in our ideology and objectives. Our Ideology and objectives are our guidelines, boundaries and the incubator of our vision, dreams and aspirations. 

From our Ideology and Objectives, we can easily formulate or conceptualise our core values. It is crystal clear we got our “mantra: Equality and Social Justice” from the same source.

It is a thing of shame that not all members of our great Movement understand fully our objectives and Ideology. From the words of our ancestors, “a spill of palm-oil destroys the beauty and purpose of the white regalia”.  Beauty is defined by its source and the source of a thing determines the longevity of its outreach and vision. 

NBM is beautiful in all forms and our source is pure and sacred. This is why our transformation, creativity and longevity can never be questioned. 

The motives of this great movement are seen in the lives, vision and purpose of individuals worldwide, irrespective of race, social status or ethnicities. 

Action and Advocacy: The Urgency of Now. The theme of the 5th Western Regional Summit, Starts with us. The Official Summit Call begins with us, members of NBM Worldwide. Let us take to heart, the objectives and ideology of our great movement. Let the source of our movement transform our lives and be expressed in our actions daily. Let him that associate with this glorious Movement live up to the creed of our movement.

Martin Luther King said, “We are now faced with the fact that tomorrow is today. We are confronted with the fierce urgency of now. In this unfolding conundrum of life and history, there “is” such a thing as being too late. This is no time for apathy or complacency. This is a time for vigorous and positive action.”

BOTA’S OFFICIAL SUMMIT CALL: will be a series of write-ups and poetry.  A pre-celebration, celebration and post-celebration of “7-7.”

I Rep NBM Ghana Zone and NBM of Africa Worldwide.

Bota X7.

Note: This article is the intellectual Property of Bota. No part of this article should be used without the permission of the Author except when use for the advancement of Neo Black Movement.

The Angel called Monica:

All women are beautiful but not all are angels. Monica is the best among the angels!

When rain fall, she sheltered me. When the sun scorch, she shaded me. 

Her greatest gift to me is love. Love so pure she gave me, she listens to my sad tales breathe into me hope. Hope springs from her smiles.

Her words captivated my thoughts and bring serenity.

All women should be Monica, she is the most special among her kind!

Will only paint her pics with words cause I deeply treasure my angel.

Sweet Monica, I became an angel because you angeled me.

My love for you will become a moonlight tales and will last until the last becomes ashes and dusts…

Forever for us is the winter of unending love galore…