The Highest Price:

I was glad when they say unto me, let us go into the house of God. My Spirit is cleansed and sanctified daily because of your WORD and Precious Blood shed on Calvary's Cross. Who am I, what power or grace do I possess? What position do I occupy, or the wealth I possess? O … Continue reading The Highest Price:

A Glorious Life: Thy Kingdom Come

One day I will fly One day I will defy gravity One day I will reach the fullness of my being. When the trumpet sounds The King will appear I will ascend and soar to meet the King. I will defy gravity And be caught up in the sky. What a glorious day When the … Continue reading A Glorious Life: Thy Kingdom Come

Call To Worship: Fellowship

Man must have a time he seeks God and fellowship with his brethens. Don't ignore or abscond from the gathering of God's chosen people. Seek God daily, and create time to rejoice together with those that worship God truthfully and faithfully. Call to worship is living a life that brings God glory daily. Don't walk … Continue reading Call To Worship: Fellowship


Nothing in heaven or earth can take the place of God, His love or Word. The peak of mankind's greatness, intellectualism, perspectives, wisdom, might, creativity, philosophy, science, art, strength or love can not be quantify with God's personality. Whoever you are, whatever you do, no matter how big or small you are, God is God … Continue reading THE WORD!


Thank you Jesus! It's been a long walk. From everything to nothing and from nothing to everything. The storm raged, took mother after 10years of your demise but here we are still standing. All I want to say is thank you Jesus! I was a toddler when you left but here I am, a full … Continue reading 31 YEARS AGO: MARCH 16!

Meditation: The Path To Growth

Do you meditate? Meditation is a sure path to growth. Understanding and insight comes via meditation- Babashola. Start you day by meditating on who God is and why we must serve him with all that we are and love him with all that we have! ┬ęBabashola.

Life & Love

I try to understand life but I discovered that a lifetime is not even enough to comprehend the meaning of life. I try to understand love, the breadth and width of it, but no one can fully understand it. Knowledge is good, wisdom brings enlightenment, understanding is supreme but there is no wisdom, understanding and … Continue reading Life & Love

The Evangelist Himself

A great man has finally departed this chaotic world to be with his God and Father. The world, not just the Christians acknowledges the impact and strides the humble soul made. As we celebrate the departure of this God's General, let us take an inventory of our lives and analyse the way we have been … Continue reading The Evangelist Himself


To make progress and reach the peak of our potential as a man, we must believe at least 7 things. 1. There is a Supreme Being called God. 2. He created all that exists both the seen and unseen 3. Man is nothing without God the Creator 4. God answer prayers 5. This life is … Continue reading WITHOUT GOD

Peter’s Betrayal

At the Garden, He cut Malchus ear. He was ready to fight, kill and die for Jesus. When all the disciples fled, he followed Jesus even to where He was questioned risking his own life. What was Peter thinking, what was his motives? Peter was bold and courageous for him to have followed Jesus to … Continue reading Peter’s Betrayal

The Path Of Freedom!

"You shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free!"- Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Freedom can only be ascertained with truth. The knowledge and application of the truth is wisdom. Don't tell me about freedom unless I see and observe the freedom you enjoy.... Babashola