How a Network Investment Company Works

Do you have a vision or a picture of the future?

you living in skyscappers, having your own house, fast and classic cars, your children having quality educations and you having the financial freedom to make impact, live your dream and helping your society.

Its a good dream but one of the best ways to achieve all these and many more is via gold investment.

Our strategy is a year plan and you get double and more of your investment capital… You invest, and we do the rest.

Network investment works and our commodity is gold, 24k 999•9% pure gold.

Fb page/IG: botasnetwork

Fb page/IG: swissgolden_worldwide


Father’s Day: wishes & Call To Purpose.

In every man lies the seed of a  son, brother, friend, nephew, cousin, husband, father, grandfather and protector.

Seed needs attention to grow and fulfill the hidden potentials. With great potentials come purpose, strength and responsibilities.

As we celebrate another Father’s Day. Let us take an inventory of our lives and get our priorities right. Let’s live our lives in alignment with God’s purpose.

Let’s ask for God’s help to fulfill the purpose and responsibilities that comes with it.

But he answered, “It is written,‘Man shall not live by bread alone,but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.”

We know the above words to be true and divine. 

Let’s live our lives accordingly!Happy Father’s Day to all Male child in the world!

Father’s Day is not just a day of celebration and wishes. Its a day we men need to go on our knees to pray asking God for Help.

“Oh God, as I celebrate another Father’s Day, help me to become a better man and fulfill the responsibilities that comes with my gender. I beseech thee O My Creator.”


Spirituality: So Deep

Spirituality is a deep concept. Having faith in something is extraordinary whether gods or the one and true God that I worship whose son is Jesus Christ.

How powerful a man is, is truly reflected in how powerful his God is. And this is very deep… If you worship and serve a weak god, you become a weakling and other men whose gods are more powerful prey on you….

I serve the most powerful God. He created heavens and earth. And He died so I can be forgiven and become a god among men…..

Don’t dare me, because the power of my God flows through me…..!

Written by BOTA X7..