Peter’s Betrayal

At the Garden, He cut Malchus ear. He was ready to fight, kill and die for Jesus. When all the disciples fled, he followed Jesus even to where He was questioned risking his own life. What was Peter thinking, what was his motives? Peter was bold and courageous for him to have followed Jesus to… Read More

The Path Of Freedom!

“You shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free!”- Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Freedom can only be ascertained with truth. The knowledge and application of the truth is wisdom. Don’t tell me about freedom unless I see and observe the freedom you enjoy…. Babashola

How a Network Investment Company Works

Do you have a vision or a picture of the future? you living in skyscappers, having your own house, fast and classic cars, your children having quality educations and you having the financial freedom to make impact, live your dream and helping your society. Its a good dream but one of the best ways to… Read More