Quote For The Week

Poverty is a disease and this disease has become an epidemic in Africa. The catalyst of this disease called "poverty" are those whose hands we committed our nations. They've betrayed us by their actions and gave nothing back to the society. Swissgolden with Bota's network is going about doing good and eradicating the disease called … Continue reading Quote For The Week


I call on the Black Race, just like those that came before me. I stand in between time and space, just like those that have walked the path similar to mine.Do not be confused but convinced, Uhuru(freedom) is not possible, if we are not financially secured.Martin Luther King, told us about his dreams. Kwame Nkrumah … Continue reading BOTA’S WEALTH REVOLUTION

The Seed: He That Plant A Seed Takes A Risk

The seed is one of the most powerful and wonders of this world. Think of it, you eat a fruit and deep inside or coated with the juicy nutritious part is a tiny substance called the SEED. the wonders of the seed is uncountable. It has the power to replicate itself in hundreds, thousands and … Continue reading The Seed: He That Plant A Seed Takes A Risk