Keep Moving Forward

The river flows

The snail crawls

And the tortoise moves with a slower pace…

The Sun rises and revolve round the earth.

Everything created on earth moves.

Let’s propel forward and never go backward. .

Whatever you do, keep moving, never lose hope and keep believing. 77



Frank Lampard is My Legend

What he achieved

The standard he raised

He was a gladiator on the Pitch

He will be a Chelsea fc Legend


Martin Luther King Jnr. is my hero
His life, his assassination remains a testament to his legendary status
we would remember him forever
Children unborn will write songs about him.

Our history; the black race and the world would never be complete without him. 

He is our history and he lives

Nelson Mandela, Kwame Nkrumah, Chinua Achebe, Samuel Eto, Fela Anikulapo Kuti and those that we truly know are legends.

Their mothers gave birth to them, just like us; but they refused to live like us. 

They chose to be different, we envied them and they showed us how to live.

Because of their passion, dedication and commitment we argued it but we called them legends and they will live forever and shine in the firmaments forever….

Written by BOTA X7.

The Nude Of A Goddess

Adam love to see the nude of a goddess and his sons had his genes. but just like medusa, those that behold her beauty whether gods or men are turn to stones.

Eve is a goddess and she gave birth to humanity!

You can only behold a goddess from a mirror or see the depth of her beauty only if you have a pure mind. 900 miles is nothing compare to the treasures Bilbo Baggins acquired in his journies… what say you?

Written By: Bota X7