Gold Bullion Investment

Gold is more than a jewelry. It’s a means of wealth creation, insurance and a physical asset. Gold bullion investment is one of the best investment you can be involve in. It yields greater interest than paper money and retain its value. Babashola. Visit our website to know more!

The Foolish Masterpiece

Tears drop from the heavens and mankind call it rainfall. And when Bota pee from Everest, they call it Waterfall…. Lolz! We are God’s masterpiece and he still call us fools because we fail continually to become all he created us to be… Babashola.

Martin Luther King Jr Day

Martin Luther King’s life is a phenomenon. His perspective, philosophy & depth of love he expressed daily showed the world what love, dedication & commitment can accomplish. Blacks prayed to God to give them a miracle in the 60s and he gave them Martin Luther King. #MLKDay Happy #MLKDay to all my American friends! Babashola.… Read More

My Shining Star

You the only star that shines in the sun You journey all through the night and watch me till day break…. And you remain there shining as the sun rises… Will you still be there when the sunsets? Two lovers Two hearts One shining star… Your star never twinkle, its forever shining!!! Babashola…..

Be Inspired

Be inspired by God and His wonderful works in this new year and new day. Look at all He created and meditate on it, from the animals to the nature itself. Inventions, civilization has root and find expression in God’s work. Light, electricity was inspired by the solar system, submarine by the fish, aeroplanes, rockets… Read More