Peace is the greatest of blessings. Tranquility, rest on all sides. A man can bargain with millions of dollars in exchange for peace. I pray God grant us peace as individuals and bless us with peace in Nigeria. I pray peace into all the states in Nigeria. Dear God, forgive us and have mercy upon … Continue reading Peace!!!!!!

Be Courageous

Legends are courageous individuals because they either create or take risks when others are complacent and indecisive. Success is the luck that follow the courageous. We all have dreams but only the courageous make their dreams a reality. Don't just dream, birth your dreams. Don't be a spectator be a player. COURAGE IS DEFINED as … Continue reading Be Courageous

The Highest Price:

I was glad when they say unto me, let us go into the house of God. My Spirit is cleansed and sanctified daily because of your WORD and Precious Blood shed on Calvary's Cross. Who am I, what power or grace do I possess? What position do I occupy, or the wealth I possess? O … Continue reading The Highest Price:

A Glorious Life: Thy Kingdom Come

One day I will fly One day I will defy gravity One day I will reach the fullness of my being. When the trumpet sounds The King will appear I will ascend and soar to meet the King. I will defy gravity And be caught up in the sky. What a glorious day When the … Continue reading A Glorious Life: Thy Kingdom Come

Become Versatile: Cultivate A New Culture & Habit.

How creative are you? How resourceful are you? How innovative are you? How adaptable are you? Are you a fast learner? Are you teachable? Can you cultivate new habits? Are you easily influenced? Are you ready to succeed? Can you let go of bad companies? What do you feed your mind with? The mind is … Continue reading Become Versatile: Cultivate A New Culture & Habit.

Live: Reach Your Peak

Live your life to the fullest. Dream big. Keep learning. Be creative. Evolve. Be resourceful. Never lose hope. Believe in God. Help yourself by helping others live a better life. Enjoy your success. Learn from your mistake. Life is beautiful despite pains and darkness. You can make it more beautiful with how you live. ┬ęBota.

Thrive: Be The Best

Be innovative. Be creative. Be strategic. Be excellent. Be the best you can be. Pursue your dreams with vigor. Develop your ideas. Strive to thrive. Thrive to flourish. Get educated. Develop your skills. Network your path to greatness. Don't stop trying. Don't be stagnant. Reach your peak. Don't be good, strive to become better. Thrive … Continue reading Thrive: Be The Best

O God of Creation: Happy Democracy Day!

Nelson Mandela is not just an african hero but worldwide, he is recognised as a man of integrity. Cant remember the first time i read his autobiography "LONG WALK TO FREEDOM." its close to 12 or more years ago. I was so thrilled by Madiba's life that i wrote a book during the 2010 world … Continue reading O God of Creation: Happy Democracy Day!