Bota’s Prayer: Nigeria

For us to move and make tremendous progress as a nation or continent, we need to go on our kneels and pray. We need to act and move. We need to stop selling our votes. Every time we sell our votes, we prolonging the evil days and the deeper Nigeria get drown in the ocean… Read More


Thank you Jesus! It’s been a long walk. From everything to nothing and from nothing to everything. The storm raged, took mother after 10years of your demise but here we are still standing. All I want to say is thank you Jesus! I was a toddler when you left but here I am, a full… Read More

It Start With You

As Nigerians, we must ask ourselves, friends and neighbors; are you adding to this nation’s problem or not? Are you going to sit on the fence or choose to take the bold step and never support or keep quiet when you see mediocrity or bad governance. Great leaders great governance, bad leaders bad governance. Written… Read More

Letter To Our Mothers: Happy Mother’s Day

LETTER TO OUR MOTHERS! Happy Mother’s Day! Women should always be treasured, appreciated, honoured, elevated and recognized in every country, religion, organization, profession and home. God gives life but women birth it. The home is called home because of our mothers and their efforts. The cords that binds us together as family are our mothers.… Read More

The Chronicles Of Bota.

If you don’t try you won’t know. You need to know & discover the inherent strength you have untapped in you. Never sit with cowards and spectators whose foolishness made them believe in the stupidity concept of “Neutrality and Sitting on the fence.” They love the average life, they will never try. All they want… Read More

Happy International Women’s Day

Women should never be underrated, abused, ignored or seen as a weakling. These special force of nature are stronger than they look, more beautiful than they appear and the meanest of them has the capacity to love and care beyond our wildest imaginations. Let’s respect them, honour them, encourage and support them to be all… Read More

Dark Times!!!

In dark times When all other lights are put off Don’t off the light within you! When rain refuse to fall And the earth holds it’s water back Remember God! Don’t give up Don’t let go of hope Your light will still shine Rain will fall And you will be refreshed. Just hold on and… Read More


The social media is more powerful than guns, missiles, dictators, god-fatherism or cabals. As the social media week comes to an end in lagos, let’s endeavor to learn how best we can use the social media positively to bring to reality that Nigeria we crave for! Babashola Ayeni. #babasholaayeni #botasnetwork #smwlagos #socialmediaweek #socialmediaweeklagos #nigeria #betterlife… Read More