Making Money

Him that seek, will surely find what he seeks. Him that ask questions will increase in knowledge and understanding. She would create a lasting wealth if she is determined to find the HOW of wealth creation. Knock the door of greatness, it will be openes to you. You will find the path you seek, if … Continue reading Making Money

Be Happy: Don’t worry

Life can be sweet and very fulfilling. You can live a stress free life and constantly do things that refreshes your soul and gives you joy. I have discovered that with financial freedom, independence and wealth takes care of Hunan's 70% worries. Don't worry, Be happy because Swissgolden can give you that financial success you … Continue reading Be Happy: Don’t worry

Audacity To Dream: Risk Everything

There are no super humans, they never existed. We only have men and women who pursued their dreams and risked everything to birth their ideas. They lived a disciplined purposeful life and moulded their characters and habits to align with their dreams. Often, at the process of birthing their dreams and bringing the innovation out, … Continue reading Audacity To Dream: Risk Everything

Bota’s Network

My major goal is to create wealth for myself and members of my network. I believe wholeheartedly that gold bullion multilevel marketing company is one of the surest and safest ways to financial freedom. I love gold, especially 24k 999.9% pure gold and its value can never be overlooked. I also love forex but dont … Continue reading Bota’s Network

You Aint Useless: The Greatest Investment

Invest in yourself because nothing on earth has more value than you. The greatest investment on earth is you. You have more value than gold, lands, houses, stocks etc. Diamond, gold, platinum and the rest are meaningless without you. Discover yourself and know your nature. You are not useless, there is something you are very … Continue reading You Aint Useless: The Greatest Investment

Ocean Of Wealth

The internet has become the major source of wealth and financial freedom for those that are bold enough to learn and network. The internet has created opportunities for entrepreneurs and professionals to maximize their potentials. Over the next decade, 80% of the world population income and wealth will be directly or indirectly connected to the … Continue reading Ocean Of Wealth


Swissgolden is a reputable and reliable gold bullion multilevel marketing company that also have an online gold shop. They are also licensed to produce gold ingots in their own "SG" brand. Secondly, swissgolden sells gold bullion directly to customers worldwide without the customer participating in the company bonus programs. Thirdly, the company creates a bonus … Continue reading Swissgolden: