Together We Can

We all need to come together and stand for what will transform Nigeria positively. The time to act is now. We need to build a new national culture for excellence, integrity and great leadership. Talk is cheap, let’s act and steer the spirit of togetherness and start the rebuilding process for a greater and better… Read More

Bota’s Prayer: Nigeria

For us to move and make tremendous progress as a nation or continent, we need to go on our kneels and pray. We need to act and move. We need to stop selling our votes. Every time we sell our votes, we prolonging the evil days and the deeper Nigeria get drown in the ocean… Read More

My Second Home

My Second Home: Happy Independence. 61years is no small feat. Happy Independence Day to my Ghanaian friends and partners. The celebration of Independence from the colonial masters is also a time to ponder on the journey so far. As a country, indigenes and residents of Ghana, we should take an inventory of our lives and… Read More

Bota’s Network

Life becomes lot easier when you are wealthy. Wealth & being rich is not evil. Poverty is wickedness & wickedness is evil! You can become rich & wealthy without being corrupt. Learn how to become rich & wealthy without corruption. It’s possible! “We have created a system that is formidable enough to generate wealth for… Read More

The Art of Wealth Creation

Wealth creation is an Art. it involves creating a platform that continually sells your talent, strategies, ideas, products and services to people. To be wealthy, you must be able to solve a problem, create pleasures and meet needs. Our vision is to eradicate poverty by engaging in gold bullion mlm initiatives, investing in our members… Read More


Africa is one the two richest continents in the world. The world can survive for centuries on the mineral resources that Africa has alone. The problem Africans have are their leaders. They easily forsake the oath of leadership they took and sold their people to suffering, poverty and early death because of peanuts they receive… Read More