Impossibility Is A myth

Impossibility is a myth. Whatever the mind conceives is possible. Exercise your mind, build it and filter traditional and cultural limitations away. Stretch your mind by reading. Cultivate a transformational habits and perspective. Have a positive and possibilities attitude. Be strategic in your thinking. Be creative in your thinking. Be analytical in your thinking. Be … Continue reading Impossibility Is A myth

Become A Creator.

Your only source of wealth and transformation in life is the birth of your dream. Ideas rule the world. Push yourself until you break self limitations and mental barriers. Learn, prepare, cultivate the habit of a creator. A creator is a dreamer that keeps birthing his dreams. Don't just be a dreamer, be a creator. … Continue reading Become A Creator.

Thrive: Be The Best

Be innovative. Be creative. Be strategic. Be excellent. Be the best you can be. Pursue your dreams with vigor. Develop your ideas. Strive to thrive. Thrive to flourish. Get educated. Develop your skills. Network your path to greatness. Don't stop trying. Don't be stagnant. Reach your peak. Don't be good, strive to become better. Thrive … Continue reading Thrive: Be The Best

Don’t Take It Personal

My advise today is simple, take nothing personally! You can make tremendous progress and have great success if you have a forgiving heart. Our choices and actions, good or bad will always create conflict or be misinterpreted in some quarters. Some, no matter what you do, won't go well with them and they will always … Continue reading Don’t Take It Personal

Making Money

Him that seek, will surely find what he seeks. Him that ask questions will increase in knowledge and understanding. She would create a lasting wealth if she is determined to find the HOW of wealth creation. Knock the door of greatness, it will be openes to you. You will find the path you seek, if … Continue reading Making Money

Diversity: Perspective

We can't look the same or behave the same way but what we share in common are deep within us and that's what make us brothers. White or black, Asian or Hispanic, Yoruba or Hausa, Igbo or Fulani, etc. The togetherness we share is deeper than differences created by race, ethnicities, nepotism, prejudices, hate, social … Continue reading Diversity: Perspective

Be Happy: Don’t worry

Life can be sweet and very fulfilling. You can live a stress free life and constantly do things that refreshes your soul and gives you joy. I have discovered that with financial freedom, independence and wealth takes care of Hunan's 70% worries. Don't worry, Be happy because Swissgolden can give you that financial success you … Continue reading Be Happy: Don’t worry

Happy New Week: Desire Is Not Enough

The secret I am sharing today is COMMITMENT TO CONSTANT IMPROVEMENT. I discovered that so many people have the desire to succeed but lack the will or intent to succeed. Success is progressive and its always moving not static. To constantly improve and be dedicated to continuous learning means you won't give success the opportunity … Continue reading Happy New Week: Desire Is Not Enough

Power Your Mind: Read

Empower your mind. Stretch it, work it and renew it with great content. Develop relationships with great minds by feeding your mind with their processed thoughts documented in a book, whether hard-copy or soft copy is does not matter- Babashola. Surround yourself with people of great perception and deep mindsets. Make it a top priority … Continue reading Power Your Mind: Read

Audacity To Dream: Risk Everything

There are no super humans, they never existed. We only have men and women who pursued their dreams and risked everything to birth their ideas. They lived a disciplined purposeful life and moulded their characters and habits to align with their dreams. Often, at the process of birthing their dreams and bringing the innovation out, … Continue reading Audacity To Dream: Risk Everything


Going through my instagram @timothyayeni. I saw a picture of a dirty Benz Jeep and thoughts started flowing through my mind. We human beings are like this dirty black AMG G 65 BENZ. Despite the dirtiness, the Jeep still retains it's abilities and prowess. No matter how dirty it is, its still a G-class and … Continue reading GET WASHED: YOU ARE MORE VALUED THAN BENZ AMG G-65