Evening Thought

Never try to sleep without prayersNever go to bed without forgiving and asking God for forgiveness.When you are alone and lonely, think about God!When you are happy and feeling in top of the world, be grateful and humble yourself before your Maker.Only the fool will say in his heart that there is no God...Goodnight!Babasholawww.babasholaayeni.com

Beautiful Good Day

All that was created are beautiful and good. It was good because it will benefits mankind, it is beautiful because beauty is what the creator will never overlook.Today is a beautiful good dayAnd it will remain soNo matter what happensSome will dieSome bornIt changes nothing, today will remain a beautiful good day.Politicians will embezzle as … Continue reading Beautiful Good Day

Just Dare To Be The Best.

I dont believe in reincarnation, we all have one life to live! you can either choose to live an average life or live beyond the average. The world is full of examples. history has taught us everything is possible but a man cannot go beyond the limit he has set. I implore you to pursue … Continue reading Just Dare To Be The Best.

The Angel called Monica:

All women are beautiful but not all are angels. Monica is the best among the angels! When rain fall, she sheltered me. When the sun scorch, she shaded me.  Her greatest gift to me is love. Love so pure she gave me, she listens to my sad tales breathe into me hope. Hope springs from … Continue reading The Angel called Monica:

My Life: Bota & His Path

Its hard to really define my person. I am soft yet hard as rock.. Very passionate, considerate and still aggressive. I once told a friend I am a complicated complex personality, a maze and  a mystery even to myself. But my path and destiny I am so certain of. I was destined to be a … Continue reading My Life: Bota & His Path

Bota’s Thought

There is nothing as beautiful as love. We all need to be loved but the most important is to love oneself and to make sure you see the beauty in others... Don't cast your Pearl before the swine and if you've been casting it, stop it! Swine don't appreciate pearls don't waste it in them. … Continue reading Bota’s Thought