Have Mercy: Become A Good Nigerian

Mercy is the deepest expression of love. And it is a virtue we must all seek as Nigerians for us to make progress. Don’t get me wrong, mercy is not ignorance, foolishness or stupidity. When armed Robbers or “Political Robbers” ask you to give him or her the key to your Vault or your vote… Read More

The Nigeria We Crave For

If we are going to make tremendous progress as a nation, we need to start thinking strategically and orientate one another with no hidden motive or agenda. The citizens, especially the masses must have one motive or agenda which is a “better Nigeria”. Our voices must harmonised and become one. We want a nation that… Read More

Nigeria: Way Forward

There will always be a future. What kind of future we are hoping for is a choice we have to make collectively. Nigeria is extremely blessed, heaven and earth knows that! We are a wealthy nation and its high time, that wealth find expression in the lives of poor and average Nigerians. We need to… Read More

Finding The Missing Piece:

When I walk through the street, go to the market, take the public transport and when I gist with friends in their communities. Without them saying it, you can feel their pain, agony, anger and frustration. If things don’t turn for the better, i fear where the government, policymakers, and the so called political parties… Read More


Can we be fully satisfied? Contentment to some is pride! Desiring more is called greed! Only one thing matters most, whatever path you follow, don’t live your life to please people. Don’t ever be the last and make sure you don’t settle with average! Keep away from bad company and never associate with those that… Read More

Prayer For The Month

Happy new month to you and I pray God grant you your heart desires in this new month. Secondly, I pray God keep you from all evil! Thirdly, I pray God elevate you and keep you and your family in his threshold. Fourthly, God will favour you because of His sure mercies in this new… Read More

The Path Of Self-Discovery

Self-discovery is a myth if you doing it without God. It’s simple, you cant know yourself and all the intricacies about you without your Creator. “Thou Son of Man, why keep deceiving yourself! Man can’t be Man without God.” Written By: Babashola. http://www.mamacombotasnetwork.org http://www.babasholaayeni.com

The Path Of Freedom!

“You shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free!”- Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Freedom can only be ascertained with truth. The knowledge and application of the truth is wisdom. Don’t tell me about freedom unless I see and observe the freedom you enjoy…. Babashola

Be Free.. I Need To Be Free!

Only a free and true Spirit can enter the realm. Only a man filled with compassion can sacrifice for the cause. Only a free Spirit can lead the oppressed to freedom. The Spirit you have will definitely find expression in your belief, your passion and interest. You can not give what you don’t have. It… Read More