The Only Star

Among the stars you shine the brightest.

Jealous of your brightness, the stars took a fall and become meteorites.

You the only star I see now

The only melody I have

The only motivation to push on

There ain’t no sunshine without you

I miss everything about you

Your thoughts kept me warm and alive when I am alone…


Bota…. X7

The Sun Will Still Rise

No matter how gloomy it has been, no matter how long the night is. Persevere and never lose hope, believe in your dreams and your good nature to make the world a better place.

The truth will always prevail and like the truth, the dawn will break and the sun will rise and shine brightly, renewing the hopes of generations and bringing to pass the dreams that has long been forgotten – Babashola.

Spirituality: So Deep

Spirituality is a deep concept. Having faith in something is extraordinary whether gods or the one and true God that I worship whose son is Jesus Christ.

How powerful a man is, is truly reflected in how powerful his God is. And this is very deep… If you worship and serve a weak god, you become a weakling and other men whose gods are more powerful prey on you….

I serve the most powerful God. He created heavens and earth. And He died so I can be forgiven and become a god among men…..

Don’t dare me, because the power of my God flows through me…..!

Written by BOTA X7..