Peace is the greatest of blessings. Tranquility, rest on all sides. A man can bargain with millions of dollars in exchange for peace. I pray God grant us peace as individuals and bless us with peace in Nigeria. I pray peace into all the states in Nigeria. Dear God, forgive us and have mercy upon … Continue reading Peace!!!!!!

Be Courageous

Legends are courageous individuals because they either create or take risks when others are complacent and indecisive. Success is the luck that follow the courageous. We all have dreams but only the courageous make their dreams a reality. Don't just dream, birth your dreams. Don't be a spectator be a player. COURAGE IS DEFINED as … Continue reading Be Courageous

Go Beyond Knowledge:

It's so funny you don't want to try because of the risk of failing. I have discovered that trying, practice is what brings perfection, success and greatness. Knowledge alone won't give you the success you desire until it is applied. The difference between Dangote, Bill Gate, Mark Zuckerberg and the professor in Economics or Business … Continue reading Go Beyond Knowledge:

I Want To Be A Billionaire

Get inspired. Get motivated. Move your ass. Don't be afraid to try, the worst that can happen is to fail. And when you do, you learn from it. You can't succeed until you learn from your failures. These men and women are not just dreamers, they are creators, they are innovators, they are failures that … Continue reading I Want To Be A Billionaire