Just Dare To Be The Best.

I dont believe in reincarnation, we all have one life to live! you can either choose to live an average life or live beyond the average. The world is full of examples. history has taught us everything is possible but a man cannot go beyond the limit he has set. I implore you to pursue … Continue reading Just Dare To Be The Best.

Dreams: Product of The Mind.

I believe wholeheartedly that your mind will never conceive what is impossible. Impossibility, is a word that has enslave billions of people. Your mind is more powerful than you can ever imagine.. It needs exercise, so exercise it just like you going to gym to keep fit. Read books, engage in discussions that will make … Continue reading Dreams: Product of The Mind.

PROJECT “1000”

The power to create wealth lies in your creativity, your ability to network and the will to pursue your dreams using your talents and potentials to fuel your passion. Babashola. FOUNDER/CEO  BOTA'S GOLD INVESTMENT NETWORK. Join us live today @10am. FB: @goldpreneurgh FB: @botasnetwork04 IG: @botasnetwork IG: @swissgolden_ghana http://www.babasholaayeni.wordpress.com

Today’s Quote

Wealth creation needs precision.  At Bota's Network we are not only creating platforms for wealth creation, we are also providing solutions for tomorrow's problem. In fact, we are solving tomorrow's problems today. For corruption to cease in Africa, our citizens need to be financially independent via a legit means and also pursue their God given … Continue reading Today’s Quote

Today’s Quote

Wisdom is not stored in the bank. It is always on the move, finding expression and solutions either in the local communities or the global stage. Wealth creation takes wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Creating a platform for others to create wealth legitly without fraudulent activities goes beyond wisdom, It's inspiration.  At Bota's Network, we have … Continue reading Today’s Quote

Todays Quotes

Wealth Creation is like any other Projects, plans and objectives. To become wealthy, there are principles that must be followed, strategies that must be implemented.  Just as success is not a fluke, wealth creation is also not a gamble. It is a deliberate effort with a precise calculation that will always hit the bulls eye. … Continue reading Todays Quotes