The Sun Will Still Rise

No matter how gloomy it has been, no matter how long the night is. Persevere and never lose hope, believe in your dreams and your good nature to make the world a better place.

The truth will always prevail and like the truth, the dawn will break and the sun will rise and shine brightly, renewing the hopes of generations and bringing to pass the dreams that has long been forgotten – Babashola.

Eternity To Earth:

Love is a very special factor in Life. I wonder what we can do without it.

Love has many facets but all is pure and true because the true source of love is an Endless river that flows from eternity to earth and back to eternity. i hope we have the wisdom to decipher the above statement.

I have enjoyed the privilege of someone loving me genuinely and her love is a cold water to my Thirst.

Happy Birthday Mi Odo Ewu.

Everyday will be a Happy Day but only one day in a year, can we stare into your shining lovely eyes and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY.