The Foolish Masterpiece

Tears drop from the heavens and mankind call it rainfall. And when Bota pee from Everest, they call it Waterfall…. Lolz! We are God’s masterpiece and he still call us fools because we fail continually to become all he created us to be… Babashola.

Be Inspired

Be inspired by God and His wonderful works in this new year and new day. Look at all He created and meditate on it, from the animals to the nature itself. Inventions, civilization has root and find expression in God’s work. Light, electricity was inspired by the solar system, submarine by the fish, aeroplanes, rockets… Read More

Secrets Of Success

Desire is paramount to success. Desire boost passion and passion makes commitment very easy. Whatever you doing as a job, work or for living.. To achieve success or be successful in, it is a process of your desires boosting your passion and it reflects in your commitment. Babashola

Keep Moving Forward

The river flows The snail crawls And the tortoise moves with a slower pace… The Sun rises and revolve round the earth. Everything created on earth moves. Let’s propel forward and never go backward. . Whatever you do, keep moving, never lose hope and keep believing. 77 http://www.babasholaayeni