I Want To Be A Billionaire

Get inspired. Get motivated. Move your ass. Don't be afraid to try, the worst that can happen is to fail. And when you do, you learn from it. You can't succeed until you learn from your failures. These men and women are not just dreamers, they are creators, they are innovators, they are failures that … Continue reading I Want To Be A Billionaire

The Richest Man In Babylon

Do you read? What kind of books do you read? The richest man in Babylon is a classic among great books rich with content that propels man to achieve greatness and financial success. The principles shared in this book is timeless and still very effective. And you can download it free online.

Impossibility Is A myth

Impossibility is a myth. Whatever the mind conceives is possible. Exercise your mind, build it and filter traditional and cultural limitations away. Stretch your mind by reading. Cultivate a transformational habits and perspective. Have a positive and possibilities attitude. Be strategic in your thinking. Be creative in your thinking. Be analytical in your thinking. Be … Continue reading Impossibility Is A myth

The Highest Price:

I was glad when they say unto me, let us go into the house of God. My Spirit is cleansed and sanctified daily because of your WORD and Precious Blood shed on Calvary's Cross. Who am I, what power or grace do I possess? What position do I occupy, or the wealth I possess? O … Continue reading The Highest Price:

Become A Creator.

Your only source of wealth and transformation in life is the birth of your dream. Ideas rule the world. Push yourself until you break self limitations and mental barriers. Learn, prepare, cultivate the habit of a creator. A creator is a dreamer that keeps birthing his dreams. Don't just be a dreamer, be a creator. … Continue reading Become A Creator.

A Glorious Life: Thy Kingdom Come

One day I will fly One day I will defy gravity One day I will reach the fullness of my being. When the trumpet sounds The King will appear I will ascend and soar to meet the King. I will defy gravity And be caught up in the sky. What a glorious day When the … Continue reading A Glorious Life: Thy Kingdom Come

Become Versatile: Cultivate A New Culture & Habit.

How creative are you? How resourceful are you? How innovative are you? How adaptable are you? Are you a fast learner? Are you teachable? Can you cultivate new habits? Are you easily influenced? Are you ready to succeed? Can you let go of bad companies? What do you feed your mind with? The mind is … Continue reading Become Versatile: Cultivate A New Culture & Habit.

Live: Reach Your Peak

Live your life to the fullest. Dream big. Keep learning. Be creative. Evolve. Be resourceful. Never lose hope. Believe in God. Help yourself by helping others live a better life. Enjoy your success. Learn from your mistake. Life is beautiful despite pains and darkness. You can make it more beautiful with how you live. ┬ęBota.