Keep Moving Forward

The river flows

The snail crawls

And the tortoise moves with a slower pace…

The Sun rises and revolve round the earth.

Everything created on earth moves.

Let’s propel forward and never go backward. .

Whatever you do, keep moving, never lose hope and keep believing. 77


The Art of Tenacity

To move mountains, to do the impossible and making success a habit is a path for those who never give up. They believe in their cause, persevere to the very end, and refuse to take “No” for an answer!

They are victims who became victors, protege who became masters, failures that became very successful because they have faith, are very tenacious and they keep networking, finding solutions and at the very end, they buy buildings whose doors shut them out.


Love Must Flow Like a Stream

Love is like water, we humans can’t survive without it. Without love, we die of thirst, emotionally and mentally.

Just like Sunny Ade and Onyeka Onwenu said, “if you love me, you wait for me”.

Love is patience and it endures and definitely overcomes.

Love is beautiful and not a myth but rare like Diamond. When you find it, it’s the most satisfying experience.

Some find it easily while some break rocks to find it.

Man must find it and we must also give it.

Among God’s creation, only man he created with love and out of love. This is why man, you and I, must express love in all we do.


Quote For The Week:

A man on the verge of achieving his vision or realising his dream can never be tired. his energy tank is full to the brim, His passion flows through his veins and he is unstoppable. If you dont have a purpose for living, find someone who is living a purpose driven life and engage him in friendship – Bota X7

Bota’s Prayers: Teach Me To Love

Dear Creator,

thank you for this new day, thanks for your mercy and goodness. I am grateful to be part of the living. thank you for the sunrise, i am grateful for the new dawn.

Thank you for Africa, Europe, North America, Asia, Antarctica, Australia, and South America. I thank you for the world at large because your will shall be established and your purposes will prevail.

My families, friends, associates, Nbm; dear God, keep them safe.

One request i come with this beautiful morning Dear Jesus; Teach me to love and give me the wisdom to live my life in love, truth and peace. Let truth abide in me.

Bless me and use me to bless others worldwide. This i earnestly seek from you, My creator.

I am a sinner, the greatest of all sinners. I come on the platform given me by the blood of the Lamb, wipe and flush my sins away. Clean me Lord in and out.

Give me the grace and passion to forgive, You know my heart Lord; soften it.

Strengthen me Lord, be with me. In your name i will possess the gates of my enemies and put my feet on their kings head.

In victory I will declare your Glorious name, in humility I will tell of your mercies…. I am a son of mercy!

In Jesus Name…


Bota’s Prayer!