Juxtapose of Hope

Believe and keep hoping until you get what your heart desires.

Sometimes, you need to be forceful with your ambitions, push hard till you birth your dreams to reality.

Don’t hope or believe in silence. It doesn’t work like that.

Fight for your dreams because your life depends on it. Wrestle with negativity forces because the birth of your dream is the hope others are praying for.

I will fill the oceans with sand, to achieve my dreams. I will eclipse the sun to fulfill my life’s purpose…

I will push hard until I birth my dreams and my vision becomes a reality..

What will you do to achieve your own God given dream?

Bota’s Thoughts..

Written by: Babashola

When Are We Going To Get It Right?

The African youths must decide not the government. We must decide to change the bad side of our traditions and culture.

Government officials and politicians now have a tradition to embezzle people’s funds and it has now become a culture for aspiring politicians to embezzle, we all call it the national cake. What a debased mindset!!!

Corruption thrives from the head to the toes…

When are we going to get it right?

Those that swore to protect us are now the ones harming and killing us…

Bota’s Thoughts.